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We are Familia FIG. We are a bi- lingual, blended family. Belalu was diagnosed at 9 months with hypochondroplasia.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Week 31 already?

Here's my 31 week belly (half head and fuzzy photo, of course- thanks Juan :) showing off my latest sweater. This is one I started in Virginia last summer, had some issues, ripped it all out and started again this winter. It was a long process, but I finally finished. I got the buttons in the mail this week and promptly sewed them on and have already worn it three times. It is really comfy and the style is obviously preggo-friendly. I'll have to snag a photo of the buttons and show them to you in another post- they are hand-cast pewter and I LOVE them.I also finished a hat for Julian and sent that off the other day. Here's Juan modeling it, and here's Julian. For the uninitiated, it's a Pokeball style- a Pokemon thing.At least I'm told he's under there :) Yes, it was a little big, but he was having fun with it, and can actually wear it, too. Even though it doesn't look like it here.I leave you today with the last bit of Manchego cheese Juan brought from Spain a couple months ago. This picture was taken not even a week after he got back. It had been a whole circle, and the two of us polished it off in DAYS. It started quite the cheese obsession in our house- sharp cheddar, mostly, on Melba toasts. Such a great late-night snack. yummm...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Week 30!!!

I am down to 10 weeks or so, or 70 days as I prefer to think of it because it makes it sound like I have more time to get everything taken care of before Figlet's arrival. Here's last week's belly shot, and I doubt there's much difference between then and now. I've been lucky enough to still be able to wear a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes, so I haven't been stuck in a five-outfit rut yet. I'm hoping I can keep up the variety at least until classes are out, and then I don't care- I'll just wear the same three dresses all the time.Things are going well these days. My blood sugar levels have been in check (even with an occasional cookie or mini-cupcake here and there ;), and the nice weather has finally gotten me off the treadmill and outside again. I have another appointment on Wednesday (I'm down from every four weeks to every two now), and I'll be curious about my weight. At my last appointment, the midwife told me I hadn't gained any weight (though my belly measured four inches bigger- tell me how that works!) and then a couple days later the dietitian told me that according to her numbers, I had actually lost a couple of pounds. No one is concerned at this point, but this GD diet has me eating so healthy, I allow myself a sweet here and there for some extra calories.I had something going on every night this week, so I didn't get much knitting done. Though I did have time in the afternoons to write. This sweater I actually did a couple of months ago and was going to add buttons but have since decided that it doesn't need them. I don't think Figlet will wear it for a while, but I'm building up my baby knitted stock for when I don't have time/energy to knit for him. This was a stash-busting project.I did finish my Feb Lady Cardi, using up the absolute last drop of yarn. I had wanted the sleeves to be 3/4 length, a little past the elbow, but didn't have enough. And that's why it took so long. I did the first one how I wanted, then started the second only to realize there wasn't enough, had to go back and rip out the first and try again (after figuring out where in the lace pattern I had settled). So, it took several attempts and several evenings, because I only had about a hour before I crashed into bed. Anyway, it is now done and waiting for the buttons to arrive from my Etsy order. I went with pewter ones for this garment. This was also significant because it was my last adult sweater's worth of yarn in the stash. Here's the finished Pilot Cap I got from the new Mason Dixon knitting book. It was a fun, quick knit with dreamy Koigu had-painted yarn.This is now where I spend most of my afternoons. It's such a lovely sun-filled spot with lots of room to spread out my papers and books. And I can move to the daybed if I need to change positions. You'll also notice my birthing/exercise ball, which I often use instead of a chair because it feels much better on your pelvis and back and makes you maintain good posture (great for abs).Mobi really likes it out here, too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rick Steves Rocks

When I was a wee junior in college and traveling around Europe on a shoestring budget, I brought along Rick Steves. His travel philosophy had a huge impact on my own during those impressionable years, and a recent article in Salon.com reveals that we are still in tune regarding our worldview. He's such a dorky (according to Salon, Mister Rogers) type guy, I forgot how savvy he really is. Of course, it makes sense if you consider how much time he spends with people in other countries.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is right around the corner!

I will probably have this feeling many times before the MN weather really decides to cooperate, but this week we have been blessed with gorgeous spring weather: sunny days in the 50s-high 60s. This weekend we did some moving things around, and I've moved my D work to the porch. I have a huge desk and a couple of chair options there, and the plants and Mobi have been keeping me company, soaking up the sun.

I also know spring is coming because some of my favorite knitting pattern resources have come out with their spring 2009 issue.

Twist Collective always has some irresistible pattern options and great articles. There is a whole baby section in this issue, and I even found the pattern I've been looking for. I got some yarn in New Orleans to make myself a spring scarf, but couldn't find the appropriate pattern until I saw Cherry Fizz.

Knitty's issue is also up. There's nothing I'll be knitting right away, but I do like two baby/kiddo patterns. Flock, and Steggie is a future ElĂ­as possibility.

has a project to make your Easter more fiberly festive, if you're looking for something like that.

So, I've got to finish up my current projects and get some spring ones on those needles!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Orleans and Back

The days were long and sunny in NOLA, and we enjoyed just walking around and seeing the sights. Since Mardi Gras had only been the week before, the city was still decorated for a party.
Beads were everywhere- under your feet, hanging from trees, lamp posts, and power lines.Many homes and businesses were likewise decorated with the Mardi Gras colors of purple, green, and gold.Here's Juan contemplating the self-decoration possibilities at the French Market.We were disappointed that the farmers' market was still not up and running at this time due to Katrina, but it appears that it will be back very soon.

Juan found a street in the French quarter that used to be named for a town very close to Vigo, where his family lives now. In fact, its where we go sailing with his brother when we're there in the summer.We got a kick at being at the other end of the Mississippi.And were happy just to have some green back in our lives for a few days.On our way back, we stopped in Winona, Mississippi to see what they had going on. I can't say it was much, but it was fun to drive around another small little town on the rail line, if not the Mississippi River.With the long car rides, I got quite a bit of knitting done. My February Lady Sweater now just needs her sleeves completed and some snazzy buttons added.
Figlet's blanket to match his jacket is also on its way to completion. I've got one more side to the cable border and some more embroidered circles to do.After only looking at these two projects for a week, I was anxious to start something new once we were home, so I picked another figlet project- a sweet little pilot cap from the new Mason Dixon Knitting book. Since this picture, I've finished the hat and just need to do the i-cord ties. The wool was my first experience with Koigu yarn, and I'm happy I love it, because I got him some more while in NOLA.We'll miss out little cottage, but the time away was a wonderful change to relax and rejuvenate for the second half of the semester.

Monday, March 02, 2009

On the Road

Starting Friday, we followed Route 61 from Winona down to New Orleans. Most of our documentation has been done with video, but I haven't downloaded that footage yet.

We started early in Winona with 13 degrees and made our way through farm country in Wisconsin and Iowa. We spent the night in St. Louis, where we visited the arch and checked out the view of the Mississippi from this part of the country.We then walked through the Soulard farmer's market where all manner of interesting things were on sale that you don't see up north.We did a bit of a tour to see the universities, and grabbed lunch at the loop neighborhood before heading out of town and on to Memphis.The temps had gotten up to 33 degrees, so 20 higher than when we started, but we were expecting them to be closer to 50 by this time. We had even more of a surprise when we got caught in a snowstorm in Arkansas that continued all the way to Memphis. Since they were not equipped to deal with that kind of weather, the roads were awful, and it was a very harrowing ride. We had planned to go out that night, as it was Saturday, but when we finally made it to the hotel, we just grabbed some food and crashed. The next morning, we explored Memphis before moving on. Sun Studio is "the most famous recording studio in the world." Of course, Elvis recorded here, as did many of other famous musicians.Here are some photos from a very quiet Beale St. on Sunday morning.
Yesterday we took 61 from Memphis all the way through Mississippi and down into Louisiana and to...da da dah! New Orleans! Yeah! Through snow and sleet and freezing temperatures, we will have a spring break, dang it! Today in New Orleans was sunny and a balmy (to us) 50 degrees. Tomorrow will get up to 60, and considering the plan was simply to get somewhere warm, we are happy.