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We are Familia FIG. We are a bi- lingual, blended family. Belalu was diagnosed at 9 months with hypochondroplasia.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wapasha's Prairie Community Gardens

Between days of rain, we have had some really lovely weather here. Tuesday evening was another garden workday. I went from a one-hour yoga class to two hours in the garden and thought I would be sorer than I was yesterday. I've included some photos of everyone working hard. The garden is in a beautiful spot next to the big lake, and that rock you see on the bluff is Sugarloaf- one of Winona's landmarks. Before the native Americans were driven away, this area was known as Wapasha's Prairie. When we signed up for the plot, we were asked to submit name suggestions. This was Juan's suggestion and it won the vote, so he is very proud of this. To the left of the photo is Winona Community Hosital, where figlet will be born within the next month or so. This area was absolutely nothing a few weeks ago, so we've come a long way quickly in spite of the rainy days.Everyone worked hard that evening.It was a fun evening, and we went home, scrubbed up and happily fell into bed.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

Julian arrived on Friday morning, so we have been busy all weekend with non-stop activities. I'm kind of looking forward to work tomorrow to get back to a somewhat normal routine! I was able to write that morning while Juan went to pick him up and bring him back from the cities, and I escaped today for a couple of hours with the result that I have about 5 pages left to revise on my second chapter. I had hoped to finish it completely this weekend, but I am very close and hope tomorrow I can get it done.

Juan has been very busy nesting these past couple of weeks. He converted his office into a room for Julian. It is small, but very cheerful and I think he appreciates having his own space. He'll be coming back in June for the summer, and then we'll probably be moving into our own place, so this decorating energy is in lieu of the nursery for now. Figlet will just sleep with us in our room the first few months, anyway. Here's the latest stash-busting baby project. Juan got me Chic Knits for Stylish Babies for Christmas, and this was one of the first patterns to catch my eye, though I didn't have a color scheme in mind at first. These yarns were in my stash and were all the same weight- and I really like them together. It is not blocked in this photo, so looks a little wonky, but at least you get an idea of it. The open part on the side is a zipper- in case it's hard to tell from the photo.
Friday we went to the pool, so this week's belly pic is a glaring white me (some of that is the sun coming in from the window, though I think I am actually reflecting off the rays :). Meridith got me this suit, and I love it. It is still covering my belly well and is super comfy. After swimming we celebrated the beautiful spring day (it got into the 70s) by having a cook out and bonfire with some friends by the river. Saturday, we celebrated Earth Day at a couple of venues around town that had activities set up for kids of all ages. Here is Juan and Julian showing off their Latin hip moves ;) Today we spent a rainy afternoon working in the community garden. We bought a plot (16'x16') and are very excited to be a part of this new community project over the summer. But more on that in another post.

Monday, April 13, 2009

More finished objects

It's been a busy couple of weeks, so the blogging and crafting has been a bit slow, but I have a couple of finished projects to show. Remember the stroller jacket started on xams vacation? I finally finished the embroidered detail, sewed in a zipper and the sherpa fleece. As you may notice, I also knit up some coordinating mittens, too. The bib producing continues. When I was in the fabric store a couple of weeks ago to get zippers and the fleece for the stroller jacket, I spotted this fabric. It reminded me of figlet's grandfather-to-be, who is a big fishing enthusiast, so I had to get it.
On one side we have the flies, and on the other all the fish they caught ;)Here's the latest belly pic.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Baby Blog

I created another blog to jot down all the info I've been accumulating during pregnancy. So far, the entries have centered around my wish list of dream items that I've come across, but it also gives me some space to organize all the links that were crowding out my bookmarks list. There's a fun little poll all you moms can take about pregnancy at the bottom of the right-hand corner, so check it out and participate!