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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Several folks have commented on my lack of baby-update posts. Well, we are going through quite a big upheaval at work right now, and things have just been a little too *ahem* exciting lately. Which has given me less chance to focus on my two babies: figlet and the big D (dissertation, of course). When I finally get home at night and have finished dinner and the dishes, I have about an hour of knitting before crashing into bed. So, I do have some show and tell coming up as soon as I can snap some photos. In the meantime, here a pic of Amy and Steve's little G in his custom-made turtle tee. Such an adorable model, no? And if you have a few minutes, check out this little report from MPR on two of my favorite local business to support: The Bookshelf, where occasional splurges on knitting tomes just spontaneously occur, and The Blue Heron, my second and preferred office. I used to be in the habit of frequenting here every Friday, until this semester from hell started, but I still get some bench time here fairly regularly. In one of the photos you'll even see Michael, one of my fellow travelers on the South America trip this past summer. From the first above link, you can either read or listen to the report as it appeared on MPR this past week. It's about how they've coped with a downturning economy to come out ahead.

I also promise to include a belly photo in the next entry, since I finally unmistakably look pregnant now. I had my first random "When are you due?" today at the sandwich shop, so I'm looking obviously pregnant enough for strangers to ask me, and not just possibly like I had too much beer and cookies over the holidays.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Applique Madness

The applique fever continues. Meridith and I worked on some over break, and even Eben got into the action. I was hoping the others would, too, but there was a lot going on those days.

I made a turtle for Graham, Amy and Steve's baby, but I can't find the photo I thought I took of it. I liked it so much I wanted to do one for my baby, too. Well, he's going to get two turtles because I just couldn't stop. I have big plans to embroider the second one with a dragonfly in the upper corner so he's looking at something. Meridith spent a ton of time of both of hers, and it shows. Aren't they just gorgeous?Eben went with a theme close to all of our hearts- a canoe, red, of course! They both spent so much time and effort on these, I can guarantee that even if figlet doesn't appreciate them much, his parents will!

The last one I worked on in Maine will be saved for a rainy day ;)So, here they are. The foundation, if you will, of figlet's earliest wardrobe.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Big Baby News

This is the most recent belly pic taken, from a week ago, so at 19 weeks.Friday was a BIG day, starting with early in the morning when we went to get the anatomy scan (ie ultrasound). Figlet is healthy and everything looked good. They check that the heart has all four chambers, measure the brain and check the fluid levels there (increased fluid could indicate an opening in the spinal cord), measure the femur bones, and check the amnioic fluid levels (which indicate if the baby's kidney's are working properly). All looked good! We even confirmed there were five toes on the little foot we saw. Keep in mind, this is a picture of a glossy picture, but hopefully you get the idea.

So, after doing all the measurements and calculations, we checked to see if figlet would reveal himself- and he did! Although his legs had been curled up when we started the ultrasound, by then, he had stretched them out. The technician said that she was 99% sure that we could start buying boys clothes. (Obviously they can never be 100% until the baby comes out). Here are a couple more shots of pictures. Here you can see his profile- his head is on the right and his body on the left with a little hand resting on it. The black spot in the body is his heart.
He must have known we were watching, because he started moving his arm up and down and opening and closing his mouth, as if he was trying to put his hand in it. Or was just saying "hi."Pretty cool, huh?

To celebrate the big news we went across the street to Target to buy something to commemorate the occasion. We ended up getting a really cute pair of Winnie the Pooh shoes that aren't even necessarily "boy" shoes, though getting the picture from the Target website just now, I see that they are considered boy shoes because the girls' are pink.We also had a lovely surprise- the jogging stroller that we wanted to get was deeply discounted! Obviously, we snatched that up. For those who are interested, we got the Baby Trend jogger because it can fit with the Baby Trend car seat we want to get, so I can start walking as soon as I feel like it after figlet is born. It's black and grey with red accents, so a nice gender-neutral and not too baby-ish palette.

The day just kept getting better. I was to get a prenatal massage for my birthday, and called to schedule that afternoon and she said she could see me in a couple of hours! My back has been really sore from... sitting in the car for two days?...doing yoga after a two-week hiatus?...standing in the kitchen for three hours after said yoga session?... I don't know, but Lisa really made me feel better. It was an awesome massage, and I will be sure to go back in a month or so.

THEN I got a call from Meridith to find out that she and Eben got engaged! Yay! We were very excited to hear their great news, and look forward to hearing how the wedding plans progress. Congratulations to you both!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Baby Knitting in Progress

So, we are hoping to find out the gender of figlet on Friday. Between Christmas knitting, other babies knitting, and not knowing who I am knitting for, I have waited until now. There were two projects I've been itching to knit, so those have both begun. A month or so ago my parents sent me a signed copy of Jill Eaton's new knitting book for babies, Pipsqueak Knits, and this was Juan's favorite project from it. It doesn't look like much now, but it will be a sleep sack for next fall.My other project was inspired by the package from Buenos Aires that was waiting for me when I got to Maine. Alejandra and I did a knitting exchange. I sent her the newest Mason Dixon Knitting book, and she sent me this gorgeous pile of wool and a book on breastfeeding. Both were such thoughtful selections, and I just had to start reading the book and knitting that wool up right away.
I know near-white wool is impractical for a baby, but it's sooo beautiful. I'll be putting a lining in, so until I find the fabric I want, I can't really progress. The sleeves and hood with be picked up and knit from here, and it's easier to measure without them. I bought a skein of Cascade 220 Heathers for the green trim, and the embroidered circles that will come later.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Cooper and Mobi

We have had a new member of the family around the house this year. This is Mini Cooper, my parents' Goldendoodle puppy. He is 8 months old and recently came to live in Scarborough. He is a very sweet, mellow dog who has probably been a bit overwhelmed to be in a new home with so many people and creatures. He's not used to being around kids, or a chinchilla, or an insane dog such as Mobi. I think he will be very happy to see us all go in a couple of days.
Mobi herself has had some adjusting to do, as she is used to being the queen bee of the house. While usually a submissive dog, with Cooper being so laid back, Mobi has found her attitude and doesn't like Cooper getting attention without her. As you can see here, Mobi is always close by, watching to see what he is up to. During Cooper's first bath, I believe she enjoyed watching someone else getting soaked for a changed. The only reason she is not in the middle of things here is probably because she was afraid she was next. Otherwise, not much can go on between Cooper and a human without Mobi in on the action. Getting some portraits of Cooper was more of a challenge than usual.Cooper, we're glad you're here. Sorry about the crazy creature we've subjected you to these weeks.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Knitting for the New Year

I have been knitting way more than I've been showing, so in honor of the first day of 2009, I will be catching you up on many of the items I've knit between October and December. Some are gifts and the rest use up yarn from the stash. I'll start with a couple of projects that were done a long time ago and just never got snapped. First up, Eunny Jag's Endpaper Mitts using a couple of balls from the stash. The light blue is the same sock yarn I've used for a couple of things now and it just never seems to end. The maroon is a secret-pal gift that lost its tag a while ago. It's merino handwash I believe. This was a fun project that took much less time than you would think with the colorwork and thin yarn. And they are so handy- no pun intended-because you can use them in cooler places while typing, knitting, writing. I LOVE fingerless gloves and I really like the pattern of these.Next up is the Juliet Cardi from Zephyr Style. The yarn was a gift from Gaby when I was visiting Buenos Aires this summer.The raspberry is a perfect color for me, though I inexplicably didn't own anything in it until now. And it came with the sweetest wooden buttons that worked perfectly for the pattern. I used up all but the smallest bit of yarn for this, so I feel like it all combined to create a wonderful serendipity. This photo was taken today, incidentally, a day short of 19 weeks along.

Now, the gifts.
My dad got a Koolhaas hat by Jared Flood make with Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran yarn, a combo of silk, cashmere, and merino.He has chosen to roll the bottom sailor-style. That's the beauty of this versatile hat.Mama finally got her own pair of Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. (Last year's most popular gift on my list). As for all the other socks in this pattern, I used Brown Sheep Superwash in a nice cornflower blue.

I've saved the cutest photos for last. Everyone in my family has the same xmas stocking pattern, knit by my great-grandmother 20-30 years ago. This year, I made Julian one, though the brilliant yarn selection we have in Winona meant I could only find worsted weight, making a much bigger sock than the rest of them. But hey, isn't everything bigger these days than they used to be?