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We are Familia FIG. We are a bi- lingual, blended family. Belalu was diagnosed at 9 months with hypochondroplasia.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Elías celebrated his first birthday on June 4th. Instead of a cake we had whoopie pies.He got a piece of one, and ate it so fast that this is all I got to document it.I made him a shirt with a one on it, and I also made a fabric banner that I hope will decorate many more birthdays for years to come. My idea for the shirt is that I will do one each year until he is twelve, and then make them into a quilt. It's hard to believe that a whole year (and then some!) has gone by already. He has brought such joy and happiness into our lives, he really is a blessing. I am looking forward to the coming year as he masters walking, running, and climbing, and continues to learn how to communicate with us. It will be a year of discovery, I am sure.

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Anonymous said...

I am happy that I got to spend a few special times with him in his first year of life and to share a "first" crawling and a 1st yum-yum spoken amoung other cute things:)

Grammie Bebe